7th social science unit 2 Assignment Answer Key- Civics July 2021

7th social science unit 2 Assignment Answer Key- Civics July 2021


Class: 7 Subject: Social Science

7th social 2 Civics Assignment Answer Key

Unit – II – Political Parties

Part – A

I. One Mark Questions:

1.In earlier times, the ……. was the supreme head of the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary branches.

(a) Governor

(b) Viceroy

(c) King

(d) Minister

Answer:- (c) King

2.In ……. India became a democratic country.

(a) 1947

(b) 1950

(c) 1948

(d) 1952

Answer:- (b) 1950

3.Political arties are ge erally formed n the basis of

a) Religious Principles

b) Common interest

c) Economic principles

d) Caste

Answer:- a) Religious Principles

4.Single -party system is found in

(a) India

(b) USA

(c) France

(d) China

Answer:- (d) China

5.Which party system is existence in India, France, Sweden and Norway?

a) Single party

b) Two-party

c) Triple party

d) Multiparty

Answer:- d) Multiparty

6.Symbols of animals approved by the Election Commission

a) Lion, Tiger

b) Elephant,Tiger

c) Elephant, horse

d) Lion, elephant

Answer:- d) Lion, elephant

7 …………has the largest number of political parties in the world

a) India

b) England

c) Russia

d) North Korea

Answer:- a) India

8.The leader of the opposition party enjoys the rank of ……

(a) Deputy minister

(b) Cabinet minister

(c) Associate minister

(d) Minister of state

Answer:- (b) Cabinet minister

9.The head quarters of Election commission is located in

(a) Chennai

(b) Mumbai

(c) New Delhi

(d) Kolkatta

Answer:- (c) New Delhi

10.The ……..of India is an autonomous constitutional authority to administer elections.

(a) Supreme court

(b) Parliament

(c) Election Commission

(d) Education Commission

Answer:- (c) Election Commission

Part – B

II.Very Short Answer.

11.What are the basic components of a political party?

  • The basic components of the party are the leader, the active members and the followers.

12.Name the three major types of party system.

There are three major types of the party system:

  1. Single party system,
  2. Di – party System,
  3. Multiparty system.

13.What is party ‘manifesto’?

  • Before the election, the candidates announce the programmes and policies that their party will undertake if voted to power.

14.What is an opposition party?

  • The party which get second largest number of seats next to the majority party in the election is called the oppsition party

15.What is an Electoral symbols?

  • An electrol symbol is a standardised symbol allocated to a political party

Part – C

III.Write in detail.

16.Deceive the major types of party system.

there are three major types of the party system:

  1. Single party system,
  2. Bi – party System,
  3. Multiparty system.

Single party system,

  • A system in which a single political party has the right to form the government.The SIngle party exists in communist countries such as China. North Korea and Cuba.

Bi – party System,

  • In a Bi-Party system, the power is usually shared between two parties. Of the two parties, one becomes the ruling party and the other becomes opposition. eg Bi-Party system can be seen in U.K (the Labour Party and the Conservative Party) and in U.S.A (the Republican Party and the Democratic Party)

Multiparty system.

  • When the competition for power is among three or more parties, the system is known as a multi-party system. This type of party system is in existence in India, France, Sweden, and Norway, etc.

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