7th social Science Unit 2 Assignment Answer Key- History - July 2021

7th social Science Unit 2 Assignment Answer Key- History - July 2021


Class: 7 Subject:Social Science

History Assignment answer

UNIT – II – Emergence of New Kingdoms in North India

Part – A

I.One Mark Questions:

1.How many Royal Rajput class were listed by the Oriental Scholar James Tod?

a. 36

b. 39

c. 46

d. 27

Answer:- a. 36

2.Who was laid the foundation of the Gurjara dynasty?

a. Harichandra

b. Dharmapala

c. Mihirabhoja

d. Jayabala

Answer:- a. Harichandra

3……….defeated Muhammad Gh riin first battle of arai fought in 1191 A.D.

a. Gopala

b Mahipala

c. Prithiviraj Chauhan

d. Dharmapala

Answer:- c. Prithiviraj Chauhan

4.Who wrote ‘Prithvirajraso’ ?

a. Kalhana

b. Vishakadatta

c. Rajasekara

d. Chand Bardai

Answer:- d. Chand Bardai

5.Rajasthani style paintings focusing on religious themes is found in the State of………

a. Delhi

b. Rajasthan

c. Madhya Pradesh

d. Uttar Pradesh

Answer:- b. Rajasthan

6.The tradition of RakshaBandan was belonged to ……

a. Rajputs

b. Chauhans

c. Palas

d. Pratiharas

Answer:- a. Rajputs

7.Find out the wrong pair:

a. Jaya Stambha- Tower of Victory

b. Rajasthani – Paintings

c. Dhilwara – Hindu temple

d. Mansingh – Palace

Answer:- c. Dhilwara – Hindu temple

8.The followers of Islam are called……..

a. Hindus

b. Christians

c. Muslims

d. Jains

Answer:- c. Muslims

9.How many times did Mahmud of Ghazni raidson India?

a. 19

b. 16

c. 15

d. 17

Answer:- d. 17

10.Who declared himself as the first Sultan of Delhi ?

a. Qutb-ud-din-Aibak

b. Muhammad Bin-Tughlag

c. SamsudinIltutmish

d. Ghiyas-ud-din-Balban

Answer:- a. Qutb-ud-din-Aibak

Part – B

II.Very Short Answer.

11.Who was the king of the Palas dynasty elected by the people? write down the period of palas.

  • Gopala laid the foundations for the futrue freatness of this dynasty in Bengali

Period >> (AD (CE) 770 – 810)

12.Give the examples of Rajput temples architecture.

  • Chittograrh
  • Ranathambor
  • Kumbahlgarh
  • Mandu
  • Gwalior
  • Chanderi
  • Asirgarh

13.Writeshort notes on “Eastern Indian art”.

  • Under pala patronage, a distinctive school of art arose, called pala art or Eastern Indian art.

14.What is Caliphate ?

  • An islamic state ,especially the one ruled by a single religious and political leader was known as caliphate.

15.Why did Mahmud of Ghazni invade India?

  • The subsequent raids of Mahmud into India were aimed at plundering the rich temples and cities of north India

Part – C

III. Answer in detail :

Write any five points on the impact of Arab conquest of Sind ? (Point out any five)

  • The impact of the Arab conquest of Sind was
  • Islam was spread over Indian regions.
  • Arab Scholars translated Sanskrit books into Arabic.
  • The importance of zero was learned by Arabs from India.
  • The Arabs learned the numerals 0 to 9 from India.
  • The people in the west and the Arabs learned the game of chess from the Indians.

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