10th Social science Refresher Course 1 answer key

10th Social science Refresher Course 1-American Revolution - Name of the 1 important Events, Places and Years answer key

  • Topic 1 - American Revolution - Name of the 1 important Events, Places and Years
  • unit 1 - 10th Science American Revolution - Name of the 1 important Events, Places and Years Answer
  • Title : 10th science Bridge course Answer Worksheet 1

10th science Refresher Course-1-American Revolution - Name of the 1 important Events, Places and Years-answer key


1. The first British Colony in America was ______________

a) New York 

b) Philadelphia

c) James Town 

d) Amsterdam

2. The Post master general of the postal department of the government of Continental Congress was___________.

Answer  : benjamin franklin

3. The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought on ______________.

Answer  : 1775

4. Find the right statement.

i) The Portuguese were the pioneers of naval expedition

ii) New Plymouth was named after Quaker Penn

iii) Quakers have the reputation of encouraging Wars.

iv) The English changed the name of New Amsterdam to New York.

a) (i) and (ii) are correct 

b) (iii) correct

c) (iv) correct 

Answer  :  d) (i) and (iv) correct

5. Answer under the heading. Town shend Act

a) Who introduced this act ?

Answer  : Charles Town shend

b) In which year was this act introduced?

Answer  :  1767

c) Why did colonists oppose this act ?

Answer  : Because of the tax levied on imported goods

d) Why did the Boston merchants oppose the English goods?

Answer  : The UK boycotted goods in protest of the new tax on imported goods

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