10th Social science Refresher Course 3 answer key

10th Social science Refresher Course 3 answer key

  • Topic 3 - The American Revolution - Reasons for Revolution and Consequences
  • unit 3 - 10th Science The American Revolution - Reasons for Revolution and Consequences
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  • Title : 10th science Bridge course Answer Worksheet 3

10th science Refresher Course-1-The American Revolution - Reasons for Revolution and Consequences - answer key

Student Activity:

1. Emotional Explanation of How the Protestants, who left the religious divisions in England and settled in the United States, would have felt regained in the name of British colonial rule.

2. Discuss based on this claim that it is closely related to a country's economy and its war activities.

3. Explain the laws introduced during the US colonial rule, such as the Sugar Act, the Currency Act, the Veterans Shelter Act and the Stamp Act, and compare and contrast the laws and taxes introduced during the Indian colonial rule.

4. Explain the role of continental conferences in the American War of Independence in story form with the help of timeline.

5. Explain the Thomas Paine's “Common Sense” was like quenching the first for the American War of Independence with examples.

6. List out the effects of the American War of Independence.


Choose the best Answer:

1. Publisher of the American Declaration of Independence.

a) John Windrop 

b) Thomas Jefferson

c) James Town 

d) Amsterdam

2. The Puritans first landed in North America was called _________.

a) Plymouth 

b) Massachusetts

c) James Town 

d) Amsterdam

3. Match.

i) Sugar Act – 1765

ii) Townshent Act – 1764

iii) Stamp Act – 1774

iv) Intolerable Act – 1767


i) Sugar Act – 1764

ii) Townshent Act – 1767

iii) Stamp Act – 1765

iv) Intolerable Act – 1774


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