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2 Marks / 3 Marks:

1. Define Multimedia features.

2. Classify text component.

3. Classify image component.

4. Define Animation and features

5. List out multimedia production team member.

6. Explain multimedia components.

7. Role and responsibilities and production team memory.

8. Desktop publishing.

9. Explain DTP software.

10. Define Text editing.

11. Insert a pa

ge in page maker

12. What is page maker and uses.

13. How to you insert page no in master page?

14. Define single / multi valve attributes.

15. ALU properties.

16. Differentiate SQL and MySQL.

17. 5 privileges available in MYSQL for the user.

18. Webserver.

19. Differentiate Client / server.

20. Examples of web browser.

21. URL

22. Differentiate Server / Client side scripting languages.

23. Define functions.

24.Define array.

25. Array for Syntax.

26. Differentiate user define / system define.

27. List associate and multi dimensional array.

28. Syntax for if-else.

29. Syntax switch.

30. Compare if and if else.

31. List switch and if else.

32. List if and else if else

33. Define for loop in PHP.

34. Syntax for loop.

35. Syntax while loop.

36. Syntax do while loop.

37. Differentiate for and for each.

38. Features of looping structure.

39. Differentiate for and for each

40. Differentiate get and post method.

41. Differentiate Text box and Text area.

42. Differentiate connection and close function.

43. What is web database?

44. Define computer network.

45. Define Internal.

46. Features mobile network.

47. Differentiate wired and wireless.

48. Define ARPANET

49. Define Intranet.

50. Benefit of wi-fi.

51. Exp : HTTP, HTTPS, FTP.

52. Compare Inter, Intra, Entranet.

53.List out layers.

54. Expand ARP, ICMP, SMTP, DNS.

55. Exp four domain names.

56. What is URL

57. What is domain
58. What is zone..
59. notes on DNS.
60. Differentiate IPV4 & IPV6 
61. Differentiate domain name & url
62. Notes on twisted pair cable
63. Differentiate web address & URL
64. notes on Ethernet cable
65. what is champconnector
66. Differentiate serial & parallel port.
67. types of fibre optic cables.
68. notes on NS2.
69 .exp free software.
70. Define E- Commerece
71. Differentiate tangible & electronic goods.
72. Differentiate credit & debit card
73. Define electronic payment systems.
74. Define digital signature.
75. Differentiate symmetric & Asymmetric algorithms.
76. Explain 3 D secure payment protocols.
77. define EDI
78. Notes on UN/EDIFACT .
5 Marks
1. Explain different file format
2. Explain detail technique of animation
3. Explain tools in page maker tool box 
4.Write the steps to draw a star using polygon tool
5. What is relationship and it types
6. Explain 5 privileges in MYSQL
7. Explain few comments used by DBA to control the entire database
8. Discuss about switch statement with example
9. Discuss about if, if else statement with example
10. Discuss about for loop
11. Explain while and do while
12. Differentiate traditional commerce and E-commerce
13. Advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce
14. Explain E commerce business model
15. Notes on internet, mobile banking
16. Explain unified payment interface
17. Explain credit card and its features
18. Differentiate digital signature/ 
19. Explain SET 
20. Explain OSI model layer
21. Merits and demerits of mobile network
22. Explain inter, intra and extra net
23. Explain different development of computer network and internet
24. How DNS is working
25. Explain RJ 45 connector 
26. Explain types of network cables.
All the best 

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