12th Accountancy Chapter 5 Online Test | Admission of a Partner

12th Accountancy Chapter 5 Online Test | Admission of a Partner

12th Accountancy All Chapter Online Test Both Tamil medium and English Medium Available our samacheer guide online website .

Chapter 2 Admission of a Partner- Online Test

1➤ Revaluation A/c is a ……………..

2➤ On revaluation, the increase in the value of assets leads to ……………..

3➤ The profit or loss on revaluation of assets and liabilities is transferred to the capital account of ……………..

4➤ If the old profit sharing ratio is more than the new profit sharing ratio of a partner, the difference is called ……………

5➤ At the time of admission, the goodwill brought by the new partner may be credited to the capital accounts of ……………..

6➤ Which of the following statements is not true in relation to admission of a partner?

7➤ Select the odd one out:

8➤ James and Kamal are sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 5:3. They admit Sunil as a partner giving him 1/5 share of profits. Find out the sacrificing ratio.

9➤ Balaji and Kamalesh are partners sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 2:1. They admit Yogesh into partnership. The new profit sharing ratio between Balaji, Kamalesh and Yogesh is agreed to 3:1:1. Find the sacrificing ratio between Balaji and Kamalesh.

10➤ At the time of admission of a partner calculation of net profit ratio is ………………

11➤ In admission, undistributed profit or loss transferred to ………………

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