12th Accountancy Chapter 1 Online Test | ACCOUNTS FROM INCOMPLETE RECORDS

12th Accountancy Chapter 1 Online Test | ACCOUNTS FROM INCOMPLETE RECORDS

1➤ Incomplete records are generally maintained by enterprises

2➤ Statement of affairs is a

3➤ Opening statement of affairs is usually prepared to find out the

4➤ The excess of assets over liabilities is

5➤ Which of the following items relating to bills payable is transferred to total creditors account?

6➤ The amount of credit sales can be computed from

7➤ Which one of the following statements is not true in relation to incomplete records?

8➤ What is the amount of capital of the proprietor, if his assets are ` 85,000 and liabilities are ` 21,000?

9➤ When capital in the beginning is ` 10,000, drawings during the year is ` 6,000, profit made during the year is ` 2,000 and the additional capital introduced is ` 3,000, find out the amount of capital at the end.

10➤ Opening balance of debtors: ` 30,000, cash received: ` 1,00,000, credit sales: ` 90,000; closing balance of debtors is

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