8th SocialScience Refresher course Unit 2 Answer key( English medium)

8th SocialScience Refresher course Unit 2 Answer key( English medium)

Student Activity:

1. Divide the students into two groups and discuss the social situation of present India and the current social situation and the changes we have achieved so far and what needs to be further reformed. (Pair Activity)

2. Make the characters, places, from the story of Rana Pratap Singh and the message known through it. ( Individual Activity)

3. Use a Mind Map to act as a character like the Mughal Emperors ( Individual Activity)


1. In which state Kannauj is located _________.

Answer : Uttar Pradesh

2. Somnath temple was invaded by __________.

Answer : mahmud Ghazni

3. Explain the change of capital during the Tughlaq period after Muhammad Bin Tughlaq.

Answer : 

In 1327, Muhammad Bin Tughlaq had changed his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad and named it as Devagiri. Tughlaq himself had spent a number of years as a prince on campaign in the southern states during the reign of his father. The effect of Muhammad bin-Tughluq's scheme of transfer of capital proved disastrous. The Sultan spent a lot of wealth for the implementation of this scheme. It affected the royal treasury and later on, the sultan had to face various economic and financial problems.

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1. இங்கு பதிவாகும் கருத்துக்கள் வாசகர்களின் சொந்த கருத்துக்களே. kalvikavi வலைப்பக்கங்கள்பூ இதற்கு எவ்வகையிலும் பொறுப்பல்ல.

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