8th Science Refresher course Topic 2 - Answer key

8th Science Refresher course Topic 2 - Answer key

Lesson 2 - Universe and space - Refresher course Answer


1. Telescope was invented by__________. 

Answer : Han lipershey

2. The galaxy containing young and hot stars is___________ 

Answer : Spiral Galaxy

3. _______ is a large constellation which covers a large part of the sky. 

Answer : Uesa Major

4. ________ is the first satellite launched by India.

 Answer : Aryapatta

5. Older stars:  elliptical galaxies:     Younger stars: ______________ 

Answer : irregular galaxies

6. The galaxy which contains abundant amount of gas and dust is ____ 

Answer : spiral Galaxy

7. An object that revolves around a planet in a stable and consistent orbit is called a _______. 

Answer : satellite

8.    _______ is the space agency of the Government of India headquartered in the city of Bangaluru. 

Answer : ISRO

9. GSLV for placing satellite into _________ orbit

.Answer : Geostationary satellite launch vehicle

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