9th English refresher Course Module Answer key 2021-2022 - Verb

9th English refresher Course Module Answer key 2021-2022 

Unit 1. VERB


I. Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs given in brackets.

1. Bama ___________ her day with a prayer everyday. (start) 

Answer: starts

2. The Sun ___________ brightly today. (shine) 

Answer: is shining

3. My sister has ___________ a beautiful song in the drama. (sing) 

Answer: has sung

4. The temperature ___________ a lot yesterday. (fluctuate) 

Answer: fluctuated

5. I ___________ to Chennai last month. (go) 

Answer: went

II. Tick the correct form of the verb from the options.

1. How does a butterfly gets its color?

(a) got b) is getting (c) getting (d) get 

Ans: get

2. This project has to work out very diligently.

(a) worked (b) been worked (c) is working (d) working 

Ans: been worked

3. India winning the match against Pakistan by 76 runs.

(a) has winning (b) had won (c) won (d) were winning 

Ans: won

4. Their flight may taking off at around half an hour, if weather permits.

(a) took (b) take (c) is taking (d) was taken 

Ans: take

5. The entire audience bursting out in a hilarious laughter as she said the punch line.

(a) burst (b)had burst (c)is bursting (d)were bursting 

Ans: burst

III. Choose the correct form of the verb for each sentence:

1. My brother _______ a great job. [have, has] Ans: has

2. They don’t _______ enough money. [have, has] Ans: have

3. My cousin _________ three children. [have, has] Ans: has

4. We __________ to play with you. [doesn’t have, don’t have] Ans: don’t have

5. Does your sister ______ a car? [have, has] Ans: have

IV. Fill the blanks with the correct form of the verb.

1. My teacher ___________ (has paid/have paid) the money. Ans: has paid

2. You_________ (have bought/has bought) my sister a book. Ans: have bought

3. _________ (Show/Shows) me your hands. Ans: show

4. We _________ (are waiting/is waiting) for the exam. Ans: are waiting

5. These books _________ (belong/belongs) to me. Ans: belong

V. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs given in the brackets.

Once upon a time, three thieves, who _____[1](steal) a pot of gold in a distant town

________ [2] (return) to their village. They _______ [3] (pass) through a small town when it

_________ [4] (grow) dark. Their village _______[5] (be) still a long way away. Each of them

had a doubt, “_______ [6](be) it safe to travel through the forest with all this gold?”


1. stole 

2. were returning 

3. were passing 

4. grew 

5. was 

6. Was

VI. Complete the following sentences using appropriate verb forms.

1. John ..................... in hospital for two weeks.

a. is lying b. lies c. has been lying 

Ans: has been lying

2. We ..................... him yesterday.

a. were visiting b. visited c. have visited 

Ans: visited 

3. He ................... completely.

a. recovers b. recovered c. has recovered 

Ans: has recovered

4. Most probably, he ..................... to school next week.

a. will come b. would come c. has come 

Ans: will come

5. Mark ........................... for jobs ever since he passed his examination in March.

a. has applied b. has been applying c. applied

 Ans: has been applying 

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