7th social science unit 2 Assignment Answer Key- Geography July 2021

7th social science unit 2 Assignment Answer Key- Geography July 2021

  • Assignment
  • Class: 7 Subject: Social Science
  • (Geography)
  • UNIT – II – Landforms

Part – A

I One Mark Questions:

1 Landforms formed by the erosion caused by rivers are …….

a) ‘U’ Shaped valley

b) Waterfalls

c) river curved

d) ‘V’ Shaped valley

Answer:- d) ‘V’ Shaped valley

2 The place where the river joins a sea or an ocean is ……..

a) River mouth

b) Meander

c) Lagoon

d) origin of the river

Answer:- a) River mouth

3 ……… is the highest waterfalls in the world.

a) Angel falls

b) Niagara falls

c) Jock falls

d) Victoria falls

Answer:- a) Angel falls

4 Coutrallam falls is located across the ……. river

a) Cauvery

b) Pennar


d) Vaigai

Answer:- c) Chitar

5 The collection of sediments from all the river mouths form …….

a) flood

b) Delta

c) ice berg

d) glacier

Answer:- b) Delta

6 …….. makes oxbow lake

a) river

b) glacier

c) ocean waves

d) wind

Answer:- a) river

7 Northern China loess deposits are brought from the desert of ……..

a) Gobi

b) Kalahari

c) Thar

d) Sahara

Answer:- a) Gobi

8 …… is an example for lagoon .

a) Courtallam

b) Vembanad

c) Corrie

d) Miami

Answer:- b) Vembanad

9 The landforms formed due to the erosional activity of sea waves is……..

a) bluff

b) pirate

c) sea pillars

d) maritime boundary

Answer:- c) sea pillars

10 The longest beach in the world is …..

a) Miami beach

b) Marina beach

c) Kovalam beach

d) Ongal beach

Answer:- a) Miami beach

Part – B

II Very Short Answer.

11 What is Delta? Name some deltas

  • The collection of sediments from all the mouths from Delta, Eg Cauvery Delta, Ganges Delta

12 Name the major landforms formed by glacial erosion

  • Mountain or valley Glacier, cirque, Tam Lake, Arets, TJ’ shaped Valley.

13 What is meant by inselbergs? Give an examples

  • An isolated residual hills,standing like a pillar with rounded tops are called inselbergs.Kalahari desert inselbergs ,

14 Give a note on mushroom rocks.

  • In deserts, the rocks in the shape of a mushroom are commonly called mushroom rocks.

15 Write the names of any five coastal land forms:

  • Sea waves
  • Sea arch and sea stack
  • Beach and sand bar
  • Lagoo

Part – C

III Write in detail.

16 Describe the landforms associated with wind.

By the wind, erosion, and deposition the different types of land formed.

Mushroom Rocks:

  • In deserts, the rocks in the shape of Mushroom commonly called Mushroom Rocks.


  • The eroded hill standing like a pillar with rounded tops are called Inselbergs.

Sand Dunes:

  • As the wind blows the sand transformed and deposited in low hill like structures called sand Dunes.


The crescent-shaped sand dunes are called Barchans.


  • Very fine and light sand is deposited in large areas is called Loess.

Part – D


1. X,Y & Z in the picture given below are —————–, ——————-, ——

  • a. tributory ,source & mouth b. source , tributory & mouth
  • c. tributory , mouth &source d. source, mouth & tributory

Answer b. source , tributory & mouth

2.Complete the above given boxes with the courses of a river.

Source, River and River Mouth.

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