July 10th English Unit 2 Assignment Answer key, Question paper

July 10th English Unit 2 Assignment Answer key, Question paper

TN 10th English July month unit 2 Assignment Question peper and Answer key pdf Download Available 

  • 10th English Unit 2 Assignment Answer key - PDF  Download - July month 


Class: 10 Subject: English


Part - A

I.One Mark Questions

1. Where was the author when he heard the noise?

a) kitchen

 b) bedroom

c) living room 

d) study room

2. Who were the narrator‟s neighbours?

a) Mr. Herman and his wife

 b) Mr. Bodwell and his friend

 c) Mr. Bodwell and his wife 

d) policeman and his wife

3. Who used the Zither?

a) Guinea pig 

b) grand father

c) policemen 

d) the author

4. What did the narrator think the unusual sound was_________

a) door sound 

b) ghost

c) vessel 

d) thief 

5. The cops broke the _______ door. Thus they managed to enter the locked house.

a) middle

 b) front

c) back 

d) wooden 

Choose the appropriate meanings for the underlined words.

6. The slamming of the door aroused the mother.

a) knocking 

b) tapping

 c) opening

 d) shutting noisily

7. She peered out of her room.

a) vanished 

b) pulled

c) emerged 

d) appeared

8. “Nothing” he said gruffly.

a) softly 

b) politely

c) silently 

d) harshly

Choose the appropriate antonyms for the underlined words.

9. …..the night had been distinctly a defeat for them.

a) failure

 b) success

c ) difficult 

d) loss

10. They obviously did not like the layout.

a) clearly

 b) evidently

c) certainly 

d) doubtfully

11. We thought at first he had forgotten all about what had happened.

a) remembered 

b) overlooked

c) removed 

d) memorized

12. Write the plural form „Buffalo‟.

a) Buffalos 

b) Buffaloes

c) Buffalo 

d) Buffalloo

13. Give the plural form of „ lady‟

a) Lady 

b) ladyes

c) Ladys 

d) ladies

Choose the appropriate article of the following sentences from 

the options given.( a, an, the)

14. There is ________ attic.

15. It is ________ old building.

16. _____ Sun rises in the east.

Fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate prepositional phrase.

17. Everything falls to the ground_________ earth‟s gravitational pull.

a) in addition to 

b) because of

 c) cause of 

d) in accordance with

18. As a ________ his hardwork he achieved the target.

a) instead of 

b) consequence of 

 c) result of 

d) apart from

19. Children are given toys ________ sweets on children‟s day

a) on top of 

b) in addition to 

 c) due to 

d) in effect of

Read the following lines and answer the questions given below:

 There‟s a family nobody likes to meet

 They live, it is said on complaining street

 In the city of never- Are – satisfied

 The river of discontent beside

20. Pick out the rhyming words from the above lines

21. Identify the rhyme scheme from the above lines

a) Abab

 b) abcd

 c) Aaba 

d) aabb

22. Identify the figure of speech employed in the second line.

a) Metaphor 

b) similie

 c) Personification 

d) Anaphora

23. Pick out the alliterated words from the above lines.

 Fill in the blanks with the right option

24. Who gifted Zigzag to Somu?

a) An English witch doctor 

b) An African witch doctor

 c) An Indian witch doctor 

d) A French witch doctor

25. What is the title of Mrs. Krishnan‟s paintings?

 a) Sun set at Marina 

b) Sunrise at Marina

 c) Sea shores of Marina

 d) Sea waves of Marina

26. Somu wanted Dr. Krishnan to keep Zigzag a ________ with his family for a week.

a) A bird 

b) snake

 c) Beetle 

d) crow

27. Zig-zag could sing and talk in ____ languages.


b) 20

 c) 15 

d) 25

28. It perched on the __________ and snored.

a) Curtain rod 

b) fan

 b) Wall

 d) Car

29. The inmates wanted to send it back. Kishan took it to the ______

 a) Car 

b) hospital

 c) Zoo 

d) garden

30. They wanted to keep _______ for another week . 

a) The painting 

b) the servant

c) The friends 

d) zig zagPart – B

II. Short Answer. 

1. Who were the narrator‟s neighbours?

2. What was the grandfather wearing?

3. What woke up the mother?

4. Who used the Zither and how?

5. Were the policemen willing to leave the house?

6. Where does the grumble family live?

7. What does the word „growl‟ mean?

8. What does the phrase „to keep our feet from wandering‟ refer to?

9. What was Mrs.Krishnan busy with?

10. What are the pets did Somu have?

Part – C

III. Write in detail.

1. Describe the funny incident that caused the confusion in the house?

2. Write a paragraph on „The Grumble Family‟ and their attitude towards other folks?

3. Narrate the story Zigzag in your own words.

4. Write a speech for your School Literary Association celebration with the given lead

1. Opening

2. Purpose 

3. Audience 

4. Language

5. Ending

10th std English assignment Answer key,10th English unit 2 Assignment Answer key , 10th

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