9th Social Science-Economics Assignment Answer 2021

9th Social Science-Economics Assignment Answer 2021



Understanding Development: Perspectives, Measurement And Sustainability

Part - A


1. The term Human Resources refers to .

a) investment on poor people

b) expenditure on agriculture

c) investment on assests

d) collective abilities of people

2.   is considered a true measure of National Income

a) GNP

b) GDP

c) NNP

d) NDP

3. Which one of the following country is not a member of SAARC.

a) India

b) Pakisthan

c) China

d) Bhutan

Fill in the blanks:

1. The State having the highest literacy rate in India is  _______

Answer : Kerala

2. Ground water is an example of______resource

Answer : renewable

9th social science History Assignment Answer 2021

Part – B

II. Give short answers:

1. What do you mean by development?

  • The word ‘development’ refers to the progress of a particular field (or) a particular person.
  • Similarly the economic progress of a country is known as ‘economic development’.
  • However, the interpretation of the concept development keeps On changing from time to time, from person to person.

2. What are the indicators of development?

  • The major indicators to measure the level of economic development are Net National Product (NNP), Per Capita Income (PCI), Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and Human Development
  • Index (HDI).

3. What is ‘Solar Power’?

  • Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity either directly using photovoltaic cells (or) indirectly using concentrated solar power.

III. Answer in Detail

Part – C

1. Differentiate between renewable and Non renewable resources.

2. Describe in detail about environmental policies in India.

  • Environmental policies in India have been evolved considerably over the past three decades.
  • These policies have covered a wide range of issues such as air, water pollution, waste management and biodiversity conservation.
  • India faces challenges in economic development, which has to be achieved with limited resources, minimum externalities and in the presence of an uncertain climate.
  • One of the approaches to overcome this challenge is through the path of sustainable development.
  • The Supreme Court of India has interpreted and introduced new changes in environmental protection through a series of directions and judgements.

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