6th English Assignment Answer key - Unit 1

6th English Assignment Answer key - Unit 1

  • Assignment
  • Class: 6
  • Subject: English

Unit 1 PART – A

I. One Mark Questions

A) Choose the best option and fill in the blanks:

1. Sea turtles live their life in   ______________________.

a) the sea          b) the oceans           c) the ponds          d) the lakes

2. Men created ______________ for the sea turtles during the last two decades.

 a) safety          b) danger                c)shelter               d) ponds

B) Choose the correct synonym of the underlined words:

3. A razor blade at the tip of a hatching’s snout.

a) nose               b) teeth               c) mouth            d) tongue

4. How cheerful he seems to grin. 

a) sadly           b) happy            c) laugh            d) smile

C) Choose the best answer from the given options:

5. Which pair of rhyming words is wrong?

a) tail – bail         b) jaws – claws          c) grin – claim          d) dim - jim

6. The name Owlie was given by ________________.

 a.Payal              b) Payal’s mother          c) Shefali didi  d) servant maid

D) Identify the character / speaker: 

7. “Mom! She’s Back!”

a) watchman           b) Payal’s mother       c) Payal’s brother     d) Payal   

8. “You choose a name”.

a) Payal’s brother      b) Payal             c) Payal’s mother        d) watchman

E) Identify the Predicate in the following sentences:

9. We found an island.

a) found                    b) We                 c) found an island                 d) and

10. She bought a decent black shirt.

a) bought               b) a decent black shirt       c) black shirt           d) She bought

Part – B

II. Short Answer. 

1. Why do the Sea turtles come ashore?

  • The sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

2. Name the five kinds of Sea turtles found in Indian Ocean.

  • The loggerhead
  • The olive Radley
  • The leatherback
  • The Hawksbill
  • The green sea turtle.

3. How does the Crocodile’s tail look?

  • The tail looks shining.

4. Why did Payal and her mother want to bury Owlie?

  • They thought that Owlie had died.

5. “Reading up more about owls and their habits, Payal’s mom discovered that Owlie  was a  Spotted Owlet”. 

  • He had the typical grey-brown coat, heavily spotted with white, the pale face, yellow eyes and the white neckband, which looked like a ribbon, Payal decided. Soon, Payal took over the job of looking after Owlie. She saw that the cage was cleaned every day.She filled the water bowl. Once Owlie began to eat by herself, Payal too could feed her.

6.What did Payal’s mom discover by reading books on Owls?

  • Payal’s Mom discovered that the Owlie was a Spotted Owlet.

Part – C

III.Write in detail

1. What does the Poet say about the Crocodile? – Write in your own words (in about fifty words) 

  • “How doth the little crocodile” is a children’s poem by Lewis Carroll. It discusses the looks of a crocodile. It uses rhyming words. In the first stanza, the poet talks about the tail of the crocodile and the scales of it. The scales are so, shiny like the waters of the river Nile. The second stanza speaks of the crocodile’s smile (grin) and claws. The crocodile is cheerful to welcome the little fishes to consume them.

Part – D

IV. Activity

See the pictures and fill up the blanks with subject/predicate.

1.     Cows ____________________________.

2.________________are reading in the class room.

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