10th science Refresher Course 9-MATTER AROUND US answer key

10th science Refresher Course 9-MATTER AROUND US answer key

Topic 1 - Light
unit 1 - 10th Science MATTER AROUND US Answer
Title : 10th science Bridge course Answer Worksheet 9

10th science Refresher Course-9-MATTER AROUND US-answer key



1. The metal which is in liquid state is ____________________

(a) Carbon

(b) Mercury

(c) Copper

2. Ozone (O3

) contains ______________ number of oxygen atoms

(a) 1

(b) 3

(c) 2


3. The property which allows metals to be hammered into thin sheets is _________

(a) Ductility

(b) Malleability

(c) Lustrous

4. The symbol of carbon is _______________

(a) N

(b) Ca

(c) C

5. ________________ is a liquid metal which is used in thermometers.

(a) Aluminum

(b) Mercury

(c) Phosphorus

6. Water contains _____________ and __________ element.

7. ____________ have high melting point [Metal / Non-metal]

8. Every matter exists in ________________,___________________ and

________________ state.

9. The symbol of aluminum is _____________________________

10.___________________ is the chemical name of common salt [Sodium Carbonate / Sodium Chloride]


1. Water, Salt, Sugar, Sulphur

2. Aluminum, Gold, Sulphur, Iron 


Element                    -   Settles down on standing

Compound                -   Impure substance

Colloid                      -    Made up of molecules

Suspension                 -     Pure substance

Mixture                        -   Made up of atoms

IV. Write the correct words from the scrambled words given in the barcket

1. The air we breathe consist of ________________ [YGENOX]

2. Ornaments are made of _____________________ [LDGO]

V. Fill in the blanks

1. The gas which helps to keep swimming pool clean is _________________

2. Ammonia (NH3 )contains of ________________ and ___________ element.

3. Write the names of any two compounds name, used in your house.

4. Compounds are classified into inorganic compound and ___________ compound.

5. ________________ element is used to prepare matches and rat poison.

6. Alcohol can be separated from water by ________________

7. A few drops of ‘Dettol’ when added to water turns the mixture turns turbid. Why?

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