10th science Refresher Course 7-sound answer key

10th science Refresher Course 7-sound answer key

Topic 1 - Sound
unit 1 - 10th Science sound Answer
Title : 10th science Bridge course Answer Worksheet 5

10th science Refresher Course-5-sound-answer key


I. Choose the correct answer

1. Sound waves travel faster in _____________

a) Air b) Metal c) Vacuum d) Liquids

2. The amplitude of the sound wave decides its _____________

a) Speed b) Pitch c) Loudness d) Frequency

3. Find the odd one out

a) Harmonium b) Flute c) Nadaswaram d) Violin

4. Noise is produced by

a) Vibrations with high frequency b) Regular vibrations

c) Regular and Periodic vibrations d) Irregular and non-Periodic vibrations

5. The range of audible frequency for the human ear is

a) 2Hz to 2000Hz b) 20Hz to 2000Hz

c) 20Hz to 20000Hz d) 200Hz to 20000Hz

6. Which of the following are the characteristics of vibrations?

i) Frequency ii) Time Period iii) Pitch iv) Loudness

a) i and ii b) ii and iii c) iii and iv d) i and iv

7. What kind of musical instrument is a sitar?

a) String instrument b) Percussion instrument

c) Wind instrument d) None of these

8. If amplitude and frequency of sound wave are increased, which of the following will be true?

a. Loudness increases and pitch is higher

b. Loudness increases and pitch is unchanged

c. Loudness increases and pitch is lower

d. Loudness decreases and pitch is lower

9. Which of the following may be caused by noise?

a) Irritation

b) Stress

c) Nervousness

d) All the above.

10. Sound travels in air _____________

 a) if there is no moisture in the atmosphere.

 b) if particles of medium travel from one place to another.

 c) if both particles as well as disturbance move from one place to another.

d) if disturbance moves.

II. Fill in the blanks

1. Sound is produced by _______

2. The vibrations of a simple pendulum are also known as _______

3. Sound travels in the form of _______

4. High frequency sounds that cannot be heard by you are called _______

5. Pitch of a sound depends on the _____ vibration

6. If the thickness of a vibrating string is increased, its pitch ______

7. Vibration of object produces _________ .

8. The speed of a wave is the distance travelled by it in _______


a. Ultrasonics — Frequency below 20Hz

b. Speed of sound in air — Needs material medium

c. Infrasonic — 330 ms-1

d. Sound propagation — Frequency more than 20000Hz

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