12th English Synonyms - Tamilnadu Samacheer kalvi

12th English Synonyms - Tamilnadu Samacheer kalvi


Two Gentlemen of Verona

- A.J. Cronin

Choose the correct synonyms for the underlined words from the options given.

1. He shrugged his shoulders to convey his disapproval. 

a) bent 

b) shook 

c) drooped

 d) raised

2.  ------- the other a shortened army tunic gathered in loose folds. 

a) collected

 b) carried 

c) opened 

d) closed

3.  Jacopo who barely came up to the door handle of the car, was nearly 12. 

a) surely 

b) happily 

c) hardly

 d) sadly

4.  ------- then as trade slackened we went over.  

a) party 

b) business 

c) function 

d) meeting

5.  They were in many ways quite artless.  

a) ugly 

b) beautiful 

c) innocent 

d) proper

6.  In the week which followed we saw them frequently

a) often 

b) rarely 

c) seldom

 d) happily

7.  One day we came upon them in a windy and deserted square ------- 

a) inhabited

 b) crowded 

c) sandy

 d) empty

8.  There was a pause

a) order

 b) silence 

c) movement 

d) laughter

9.  ------- before I could recover breath my two passengers had leaped from the car. 

a) ran 

b) walked 

c) jumped 

d) danced

10.  Everything is so difficult now, food so scarecrow and dear, we could not keep going unless we charged a fee. 

a) rare

 b) plenty 

c) bad 

d) sad


1. d. 2. a.  3. c.   4. b.  5. c.   

6. a.   7. d.  8. b.   9. c. 10. a


A Nice Cup of Tea

- George Orwell

Choose the correct synonyms for the underlined words from the options given.

1.  This is curious because tea is one of the main stays of civilization ------- 

a) clear 

b) effective 

c) interesting 

d) gloomy

2.  Here are my eleven rules, every one of which I regard as golden. 

a) consider 

b) reflect 

c) reject 

d) pushed

3.  ------- but there is not much stimulation in it. 

 a) strength 

b) encouragement 

c) fascination 

d) reading

4.  In some countries teapots are fitted with little dangling baskets under the spout. 

a) stinging 

b) jumping 

c) talking 

d) hanging

5.  There is also the mysterious social etiquette surrounding the teapot. 

a) secretive 

b) open 

c) known 

d) common


1. c.  2. a.  3. b.   4. d.   5. a


In Celebration of Being Alive

- Dr. Christiaan Barnard

Choose the correct synonyms for the underlined words from the options given.

1.  I near the end of my career as a heart surgeon.





2.  And of the rest, many will end up as mental or physical cripples





3.  I was crossing the street with my wife after a lovely meal





4.  There was a grand finale of scattered plates and silverwares. 





5.  If you can’t they accept their fate.





6.  His lower jaw became gripped in a mass of fibrous tissue. 





7.  These children showed me that it’s not what you’ve lost that’s important.






1. d.   2. b.   3. c.  4. a.   5. c.  6. d.   7. a


The Summit

- Edmund Hillary

Choose the correct synonyms for the underlined words from the options given.

1.  So I cooked them over the fierce flame of primus.  

a) mild

 b) ferocious 

c) simple 

d) frank

2.  Over our down clothing we donned our windproof.  

a) removed 

b) threw away 

c) showed 

d) put on

3.  We reached its crest where it forms a great snow bump. 

a) top 

b) bottom 

c) near 

d) beside

4.  I continued making the trail on up the ridge.

  a) show 

b) path 

c) time 

d) treat

 5.  Our first partly-full bottle of oxygen was now exhausted

 a) filled 

b) strong

 c) drained 

d) thrown

6.  As I heaved hard on the rope, Tenzing wriggled his way up the crack. 

a) lived 

b) heard 

c) laughed 

d) pulled

7.  Our original zest had now quite gone.  

a) enthusiasm 

b) weakness 

c) sickness

 d) strength

8.  .......... there was no disguising his grin of delight as he looked around him. 

a) shock

 b) happiness

 c) sadness 

d) damage

9.  We cramponed along our tracks, spurred by the urgency of diminishing oxygen. 

a) talked

 b) requested  

c) prompted 

d) arrested

10.  We set ourselves to the task of safely descending the ridge to the South Col. 

 a) going up 

b) ascending  

c) running away 

d) coming down


1. b.    2. d.   3. a.  4. b.  5. c.   6. d.   7. a.   8. b.    

9. c.   10. d

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