12th English Revision Exam question - Answer key

12th English Revision Exam question


Language - Part II – English

Std: XII Marks : 90

Time: 2.30 Mins


Answer all the questions.                                                                         20x 1 = 20

Choose the appropriate synonyms of the underlined word in each of the following sentences.

1.Nicola was glaring at his young brother in vexation.

(a). approval (b) appreciation (c)annoyance (d) admiration

2. The other a shortened army tunic gathered in loose folds about his skinny frame.

(a) loose outer garment (b) soft garment (c) torn garment (d) useful garment

3 .My progress, although slow was steady.

(a) weak (b) bad (c) firm (d) worse

Choose the appropriate antonyms of the underlined word in each of the following sentences.

4. They brought her here, persuaded us to take her into the hospital.

(a) convince (b) agree (c) deter (d) compel

5. The anticipation of this imagined separation only increases their fondness for the calf.

(a) expectancy (b) contemplation (c) outlook (d) ignorance

6. There he was sitting in splendour on his chair.

(a) magnificence (b) pomp (c) effulgence (d) simplicity

7. Choose the correct compound word for the combination ‘ over coat’

(a) noun+noun (b) gerund + noun (c) verb + noun (d) preposition +noun

8. Choose the correct expansion of TANSI

(a) Tamil Nadu Small scale industries

(b) Tamil Nadu small shark industries

(c) Texas Association of Neurological Surgeons

(d) Tamil Nadu steel industry

9.Choose the meaning of the foreign word in the sentence.

Stopping for lunch ‘en route’

(a) On the sky (b) big route (c) and so on (d) on the way

10. Choose the right combination for the blended word ‘biopic’

(a) bio+pic (b) bio+picture (c) biology +picture (d) biography+ picture

11. Choose the clipped form of the word , for ‘logarithm’

(a) rithym (b) logar (c) logan (d) log

12. Study of money and coins is called ……………..

a) Numerology b)Numismatics c) Neurology d) Banking

13. Form a derivative by adding the right prefix in word “accurate”

a) im- b) in- c) pre- d) inter-

14. Fill in the blanks with a suitable relative pronoun.

This is the parcel ________ I got yesterday.

a)Whose b) Who c) That d) Whom

15. Fill in the blanks with a suitable preposition.

Charts are hanged ____________ the wall.

(a) In b) Over c) On d) by

16. Choose the correct question tag for the following statement.

Give me your pen, ____________?

(a) Will you? (b) Can you? (c) Won’t you? (d) Didn’t you

17. Choose the suitable meaning of the idiom found in the following sentence.

Each member of the team had all their ducks in a row.

(a) unorganized (b) difficulties (c) well organized (d) monotonous

18. Substitute the underlined word with an appropriate alternative.

My brother is between jobs for a year.

(a) on the street (b) economical (c) home maker (d) unemployed

19. Choose the correct sentence pattern for the following.

Yesterday he finished the lunch.

(a) SVO (b) ASVO (c) ASVA (d) ASVC

20. Fill the blanks with a suitable phrasal verb.

The aeroplane will……….. .. only at 8.p.m.

(a) take off (b) take on (c) take away (d) take into



4 x 2 = 8

Read the following sets of poetic lines and answer any four sets.

21. . 'Like a huge python, winding round and round'

a). What looks like a python?

b). Identify the figure of speech in the above line.

Answer :

 i. What looks like a python?

The creeper looks like a python.

ii.  Identify the figure of speech in the above line?

  • simile

22.’ Whereon all day are gathered bird and bee;

a) Who gather all day?

b). Where did the creature gather?


a)Who gathered all day?

Birds and bees gathered all day.

b). Where did the creature gather?

the creature gathered on the tree.

23. ‘A creeper climbs in whose embrace bound

No other tree could live’

a) Which tree is referred to in the above lines?

casuarina tree is referred to in the above lines.

b) What climbs around the tree?

A creeper climbs around the tree .

24. Life is hard; be steel; be a rock.’

a) How should one face life?

b) Identify the figure of speech in the above line.


i) How should one face life?

One should face life by being like a rock.

ii) Identify the figure of speech in the above line.


25.Tell him time as a stuff can be wasted.

Tell him to be a fool every so often

a) Why does the poet suggest that time can be wasted?

b) Is it wrong to be a fool at times?


i) Why does the poet suggest that time can be wasted?

Time can be wasted for leisure.

b) Is it wrong to be a fool at times?

No, it is not a shame to be a fool at times. But follies should not be repeated.

26 ………….Free imaginations

Bringing changes into a world resenting change.

a) How does free imagination help the world?

b) Identify the figure of speech in the above line.


i) How does free imagination help the world?

Free imagination helps the world by introducing changes.

ii) Identify the figure of speech.

Transferred epithet.


Do as directed: 3 x 2 = 6

Answer any three questions

27. Report the following dialogue.

Manager: Have you brought all your certificates?

Ragavi: Yes sir, you can verify them.

28. No other profession is as noble as teaching.

(Change into comparative degree).

29. If he had worked hard, he would have passed.

(Begin the sentence with “Had”)

30. Deepa said that she liked horror movies.

(Change into direct speech)



Explain any two of the following with reference to the context. 2 x 3 = 6

31. “A gray baboon sit statue like alone”


Reference :

This line is taken from ‘Our Casuarina Tree’ written by Toru Dutt.

Context :

The poet describes what she saw at dawn.

Explanation :

In the morning she used to look at the tree through the window. She usually enjoyed the sight of the tree. Sometimes in the winter season a monkey sat on the top of the tree. It sat without an movement so it looked like a statue. It was sitting there all alone.

32. “He will be lonely enough to have time for the work”


Reference :

These lines are taken from the poem ‘A Father to his Son’ written by Carl August Sandburg.

Context :

The poet wants to say that being in solitude, his son will make some changes.


The poet wants his son to know how free imaginations bring changes to the world which resents change. During such resentment he will know that it is time for him to be his own and try to achieve like great people.

33. ‘Brutes have been gentled where lashes failed’


Reference :

This line is taken from the poem ‘A Father to his Son’ written by Carl August Sandburg.

Context :

This line comes when the poet wants to say that life is sometime soft and we may need to be gentle.


The poet motivates his son reaching manhood to be steely resolved. This will make him face the challenges of life and sudden betrayals. At times gentleness overtakes harshness. Thrashing may fail to change a man. But a gentle approach will make a brute good-natured.


Answer any two of the following in not more than 30 words. 2 x 3 = 6

34. How did the narrator help the boys on Sunday?


  • On every Sunday the boys used to travel to a village Poleta, 30 kilometres from their place. They usually hired cycles to go there. Jacopo asked the narrator to take them to Poleta in his car. He readily accepted and took them to Poleta in his car.

35. Why were the two chairs compared to Rama – Lakshmana?


  • The two chairs were compared to Rama-Lakshmana because the two chairs were identical to each other.

36. The boys did not spend much on clothes and food, why?


  • Though the boys earned enough money, they did not spend much money on clothes and food because they had to pay every week for the treatment of their sister.


Answer any three of the following. 3 x 3 = 9

37. Expand the following headlines.

(i) Sudden fall in the price of gold

(ii) New idols discovered at temple near Trichy

(iii) Smart cards replaced ration cards

38 .Write a dialogue of at least 3 exchanges between the customer and vegetable vendor.

39. Describe the process of wrapping a gift .

40. Complete the proverbs.

(i) Make ____________ while the sun shines.

(hay, way, money)

(ii) Never judge a book by its_____________

(author, price, cover)

(iii) _________ is the best medicine.

(Moral, laughter, fable)


Answer the following

7 x 5 = 35

41. Answer in a paragraph on anyone of the following in about 150 words.

(a) Justify the title of the story ‘Two gentlemen of Verona’.

Title : Two Gentlemen of Verona

Author : A.J. Cronin

Theme : Supreme sacrifice of two boys for their suffering sister

Age does not define your maturity.

  • Taken from the early play by William Shakespeare, the title of this story ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’ is gripping. The story is about how two sincere and selfless young boys face hardships for the  treatment of their sister suffering from tuberculosis. It conveys the message that as long as people are willing to make sacrifices for the well-being of others, there is hope for humanity. J. Cronin wrote this memoir after visiting Verona. The short story’s title is inspired by a popular Shakespeare’s play.Nevertheless, the main idea of the author is to underline the virtues that make a man a real man. The story captures the sentiment that true humanity is not about letting go, and it is about courage and determination. The two young gentlemen of Verona face their difficulties head on without a single complaint. Though the heroes of this short story are two boys of the age 13 and 12, their behaviour suits the grown-up men. Their composed life tells the readers they have all the qualities of gentlemen. So the title ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’ is very apt for this short story.

    A gentleman inspires others to dream more, learn more,
      do more and become more


      (b) Narrate the humorous incidents that happened in the author's home before and after the arrival of the chair?


      Title :The Chair

      Author : Ki. Rajanarayanan

      Theme : The first chair of the village

      Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change our lives forever.

      Rajanarayanan, popularly known as Ki. Ra is a Tamil folklorist and a prolific writer. His short story ‘Naarkali’ has been translated to English as ‘The Chair’. In this short story he created a situation where people were not much aware of chair. The family members decided to make a chair for the family. But they had neither a chair to take as a model nor a carpenter in the village. The carpenter from a neighbouring village was invited to have a discussion about making a chair. As the discussion was in progress their maternal uncle came to their house. The uncle also wanted to have a chair for himself. So it was decided to make two chairs in black wood. When the chairs arrived one chair was sent to uncle’s house. After a few days an important person died. The villagers asked the chair to keep the dead body. After this incident children were afraid to sit on the chair. When a guest came he sat on it. That removed the fear from the children. One night again the neighbours came to their house to get the chair for funeral. Pedanna told them that they had given the chair to his uncle. After many days the narrator visited his uncle’s house. He saw his uncle sitting on the floor. His uncle explained that he kept the chair for the purpose of the funeral. The narrator hurried home to convey the news to his family members. But he was not sure whether to take it positively or negatively.

      Just as we were about to caution the sub-judge, he fell down with a thud and rolled over

      42. Answer in a paragraph any one of the following.

      (a) . Write an appreciation of the poem 'Our Casuarina tree'?


      Poem :Our Casuarina Tree

      Poet :Toru Dutt

      Theme :Fond memories about the tree

      But gallantly

      The giant wears the scarf, and flowers are hung

      In crimson clusters all the boughs among,

      Toru Dutt begins the poem, ‘Our Casuarina Tree’ with the description of the tree. The poet says that the creeper has wound itself around the rugged trunk of the Casuarina Tree, like a huge Python. The creeper has left deep marks on the trunk of the tree. The tree is so strong that it bears the tight hold of the creeper. The tree is described as being gallant, and possibly brave, as very few trees could survive in the strangle-hold of this creeper. The poet then goes on to describe the life that thrives amidst every facet of the tree. The tree is metaphorically said as a giant due to its huge size, strength and boldness. The Casuarina Tree is covered with the creeper which bears red crimson flowers. It appears as though the tree is wearing a colorful scarf. Often at night, the garden echoes and it seems to be jubilant and the song (of a nightingale) has no end; it continues till dawn. At dawn when the poet opens her window she is delighted to see the Casuarina Tree. Mostly in winters a gray baboon is seen sitting on the crest of the tree seeing the sunrise with her younger ones leaping and playing in the tree’s boughs. The shadow of the tree appears to fall on the huge water tank.

      Every reminiscence is coloured by the way things are today

      therefore by a delusive point of view.


      (b) Explain how the poet Carl August Sandburg guides his son to face the challenges of life?


      Poem ;A Father to his Son

      Poet ;Carl August Sandburg

      Theme ;A father’s advice to his son for his better future

      “Life is hard; be steel; be a rock.” And this might stand him for the storms

      The poet, Carl August Sandburg motivates his son to be like a hard rock to face the challenges of life and betrayals. He can make his life fruitful if he is gentle and takes life easy. He must have a firm will power and deep desire to achieve. He should earn sufficient money to satisfy his basic needs. But he must remember that too much money has killed men and left them dead before their burial.He must know that it is not a shame to be called a fool. At the same time, he must learn lessons from the mistakes and avoid repeating the follies. He must introspect often and accept his weaknesses. He must not tell white lies to protect himself. Being alone will help him make wise decisions. He can be different if that is his nature. Finding his inherent talents and deeper motives, he must work to achieve like Shakespeare, Wright Brothers, Pasteur and so on.

      Tell him to be different from other people

      If it comes natural and easy being different

      43. Answer the following in a paragraph of about 150 words by developing the given hints.

      (a) .Aksionov -imprisoned-murder not committed by him -26 years in prison-hair turned grey - lean

      and thin-pray to God-called Saint by Jail mates - lived peacefully - died peacefully.


      (b) The sun brought about a positive change in the attitude of the children. Illustrate the

      statement through the story 'All summer in a day'.

      44. Write a summary or make notes of the following passage.

      Languages are of different kinds - spoken language ,written language ,sign language, code language, body

      language ,Braille or language of the blind and the most recent ones being the machine language another

      computer language .Many languages have a long history the Greeks, the Romans ,the Egyptians ,the

      Chinese and the Indians are among those whose languages are centuries old. The number of languages

      used in verbal communication is extremely large. It is said that there are as many as 3500 identified

      languages throughout the world. Although this is true of the spoken languages, the number of written

      languages is much lower, with one estimate placing it it at not more than 500. Within a language, there are sub- languages that are called dialects .A dialect is a form of speech peculiar to a district ,class or people .It is a subordinate variety of language with distinguishable vocabulary ,pronunciation or idioms.

      45. (a) Write a letter to to AZ company requesting them to to replace the defective juicer that you bought recently .

      Include the following details.

      • *The problem
      • *The date of purchase, receipt number and model.
      • *What action you expected from them.


      (b) Write a paragraph about the importance of good health?

      46 (a) Read the following sentences, spot the errors and correct them.

      • i) One should keep his promises.
      • ii) In spite of his being clever and he failed.
      • iii) How much pages did you read?
      • iv) Oxygen is more heavier than hydrogen.
      • v) The news are very thrilling.


      (b) Fill in the blanks appropriately.

      • i) On your____ to the courier office please_____ these bundles. (weigh, way).
      • ii) You ____help the needy. (Use a modal verb).
      • iii) She____ cook sweets every weekend. (use the suitable semi modal verb).
      • iv) I ____(meet) my relatives in Salem next week. (Use a suitable tense form).

      47. (a) Develop the following hints into a story.

      Birbal - courtiers jealous of him - ask Akbar to test - one courtier questioned him - how many crows

      in Agra - a week's time given - Akbar seen in terrace - after a week - replied - as many as hairs in the

      courtiers' head -Akbar laughs .


      b) Read the following passage and answer in your own words ,the questions given below.

      Charles Dickens is one of the most famous of all English writers. He was born on February 7 ,1812, in shabby little house in Portsea, on the South coast of England. His father was son underpaid civilian clerk of the Navy, and the family was always poor, always in debt. Charles was taken out of the school when he was 11, since there was no money to pay the fees. When his father went to prison for not repaying debts,the 12-year-old boy had to work in a factory. Working 12 hours a day, Charles Dickens earned a Pound a week. The miseries and hardships of the childhood are described in his novel David Copperfield, whose early chapters are largely his own story.


      I). When was Charles Dickens born?

      ii). Why did he discontinue his studies?

      iii). How old was Dickens when he went to work in a factory?

      iv). How much did he earn a week?

      v). Which novel reflects Dickens’ childhood?

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