11th English Synonyms

11th English Synonyms


  • Wrinkled - wizened 
  • mantel piece - Shelf projecting from the wall
  • absurd - illogical 
  • fables - stories
  • hobbled - walked unsteadily 
  • stoop - bend down
  • scattered - threw - strewn 
  • puckered - to contract face into wrinkles
  • landscape - country / scenery 
  • expanse - widespread
  • serenity - calm 
  • monotonous - boring
  • plastered - covered 
  • chorus - group of singers
  • scriptures - sacred text 
  • growling - bark
  • distressed - upset / cause pain 
  • disapproval - unfavourable opinion
  • snapped - cut s
  • eclusion - isolation
  • bedlam - noisy confusion 
  • perched - sat
  • sentimental - feeling / emotion
  • cherished - treasure / care for lovingly
  • clasped - grasp tightly with hand 
  • frivolous - not serious / foolish
  • rebukes - scoldings 
  • sagging - slump / downward
  • dilapidated - damaged 
  • persuade - convince
  • omitted - deleted 
  • protested - opposed
  • ignore - disregard 
  • pallor - pale appearance
  • customary - usual 
  • shroud -cloth used to wrap a dead body
  • Blaze - a large fire 
  • courtyard - enclosure, square
  • corpse - dead body 
  • crumbs - used to express surprise

Choose the correct synonym for the underlined words in the sentences below.

1. That seemed quite absurd and undignified on her part.

a) logical 

b) true 

c) illogical 

d) fact

c) illogical 

2. She hobbled about the house in spotless white dress.

a) walked steadily 

b) walked unsteadily 

c) walked straight 

d) walked fast

2. b) walked unsteadily

3. Her silver locks were scattered, untidily over her pale, puckered face.

a) gathered 

b) collected 

c) wrinkled 

d) broken

 3. c) wrinkled 

4. She was like the winter landscape in the mountains an expanse of pure white serenity.

a) widespread 

b) shrink 

c) small 

d) hot

4. a) widespread

5. She said her morning prayer in a monotonous sing - song while she bathed me.

a) happy 

b) beautiful 

c) boring 

d) mono

5. c) boring 

6. The common link of friendship was snapped.

a) cut 

b) united 

c) strengthend 

d) praised

6. a) cut

7. My grandmother accepted her seclusion with resignation.

a) company 

b) isolation 

c) friendship 

d) oldage

b) isolation 

8. Hundreds of little birds collected around her creating a veritable bedlam of chirping.

a) calm

 b) noise 

c) music 

d) dance

8. b) noise 

9. Some came and perched on her legs.

a) sat 

b) touched 

c) near 

d) played

9. a) sat

10. Her happiest movements were with her sparrows whom she fed longer and with frivolous rebukes.

a) trivial 

b) serious 

c) strong 

d) rough

10. a) trivial 

11. A peaceful pallor spread on her face and we knew that she was dead.

a) bright 

b) pale 

c) ugly 

d) dark

11. b) pale 

12. Laid her on the ground and covered her with a red shroud.

a) cloth

 b) flower 

c) box 

d) leave

12. a) cloth

11th Unit 2 - Synonyms 

Write synonyms for the following words and use them in sentences.

1. adulation - appreciation / The hero was received with great adulation.

2. conviction - firm belief / Gandhiji preached with great conviction.

3. etched - imprinted / The image of the king was etched on the coins.

4. felicitation - congratulatory words / The winning team was felicitated by the government.

5. haul - taking a collection / The bowler had a large haul of wickets.

6. lauded - appreciated / He was lauded for his efforts to bring success to the team.

7. princely - large / The palace has princely halls and rooms.

8. speculation - guess / The scientist told his speculation about the future of the galaxy.

9. vanished - disappeared / Under magic spell, a hat vanished and a hare appeared.

10. Inferior - lower in status / No person is inferior to others in any manner.

Choose the correct synonym for the underlined words in the sentences below.

1. With this princely sum, and a little more that had been collected, I left for the US.

a) large sum b) small sum c) scarce sum d) little sum

2. The greatest disadvantage for me was my loss of appetite.

a) dress b) weight c) hunger d) anger

3. The coaches were kind, they consoled me and lauded me on the win.

a) blame b) criticize c) castigate d) comforted

4. What I took away from this championship was the conviction that I could take on any 


a) belief / firm faith b) disbelief c) faithless d) diffidence

5. There was a victory ride across town and a felicitation programme was held.

a) congratulation b) fecility c) protest d) blaming

6. Words of praise and adulation were showered on me.

a) depreciation b) appreciation c) repression d) procession

7. The fight and all that followed are clearly etched in my memory.

a) imprinted b) removed c) rubbed d) deleted

8. My medal haul continued after my marriage.

a) give up b) take a collection c) distribution d) purchase

9. It is probably the most memorable award for me because I won it at home.

a) to be remembered b) to be forgotten

c) to be erased d) to be thought of

10. The other Indian boxers also performed exceptionally well.

a) usually b) normally c) especially d) excep


1. a) large sum 2. c) hunger 3. d) comforted 4. a) belief / firm faith

5. a) congratulation 6. b) appreciation 7. a) imprinted 8. b) take a collection

9. a) to be remembered 10. c) especially


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