10th Social Quarterly Important Questions 2022

10th Social Quarterly Important Questions 2022


1) What was the role of mustafa kemal pasha?

2) Define food security according to FAO?

3) Explain the Monroe Doctrine?

4) Write any two positive impact of Globalization?

5) Name the bretton woods twins?

6) What is a writ?

7) Write a brief note on the categories of fisheries in india?

8) What are the charcteristics of south indian rivers?

9) Define gross domestic product? 

10) What is 'burst of monsoon'?

11) Mentoin the four articles of faith laid down by maharishi  debendranath tagore? 

12) What are the qualifications for the appointment of governor?

13) Write short note :Money bill?

14) Name the different types of coal with their carbon content?


1) Discuss the cricumstance that led to the reform movements of 19th centry?

2) Write about south west monsoon?

3) Fill in the balnks

4) Distinguish between the following :(download question pdf) 

5) Assess the struture and the activities of the UN?

6) Explain the sailent features of the activities of the constitution of india ?

7) What is urbanization ?

8) Trace the circumstances that led to the rise of hitler in germany?

9) Briefly explain the advantages and disadvantages of MNC?

10) Give a detailed account on the basin of the ganga?

11) What are the duties and functions of prime minister of india?

12) What are the mathods of calculating gross domestic product?

13) Draw a timeline for any five important events of world history from 1930-1950.?

14) In the given world map mark the follwing places

a) Japan 


c)Great Britain 



                                                                8 marks

1)a) Estimate the role of Mao tse tung in making china a communist country? (OR)

   b)Highlight the provisions of the treaty of Versailles relating to Germany?

2) a)mark the places on the given map of India (OR)

    b)mark the places on the given out line map of India

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