11th English Fitst Revision answer key - 06-04-2022

11th English Fitst Revision answer key - 06-04-2022

  • 11th English Fitst Revision answer key - 06-04-2022 - Download here ( coming soon) 
  • 11th English Fitst Revision original Question paper- 06-04-2022  - Download here


6TH APRIL 2022

1.      c. cut

2.      b. imprinted

3.      a. scoldings

4.      b. criticism

5.      d. often

6.      b. desperate

7.      c. kerchief

8.      a. up-hold

9.      c. Referee Stopped Contest

10.  b. dermatologist

11.  b. in written/printed form

12.  c. –ance (inheritance)

13.  c. liver

14.  c. kept on

15.  a. mono-syllabic

16.  c. grocer

17.  b. among

18.  c. would accept

19.  a. no

20.  d. on behalf of

21.  a. like a snake’s bare fangs.                                                b. Simile

22.  a. fist; wrist                                                               

b. onomatopoeia

23.  a. The act of welcoming (opening door)                

b. The modern people’s hospitality is fake.

24.  a. zealous or enthusiastic                                        

b. ego; enough

25.  a. they – Modern people                                         

b. laugh ‘insincerely’\’artificially’

26.  a. ‘maim’ means ‘wound’ or ‘injure’.                      

b. aabb

27.  He joined tennis classes, when he was ten years old. (Tense)

28.  When Einstein found out that the same society had once offered a similar honour to Mussolini, he flatly rejected it. (Articles)

29.  She is a popular singer whose talent is appreciated worldwide.  (relative pronoun)

30.  When we reached the theatre, the show had already begun. (tense)

31.  Once upon a time – Gabriel Okara

32.  Confessions of a Born Spectator – Ogden Nash

33.  Confessions of a Born Spectator – Ogden Nash

40. A. Out of Sight, Out of mind.          - (ii. Mind)

       B. All good things come to an end.       -     (i. end)

      C. Man proposes, god disposes.    -   (iii. disposes)

46. i. I can’t understand this problem.  (can should not be used with ‘able’)

      ii. Everybody appreciates/ed Ram for his honesty.

      iii. The police are looking for the thief who stole the jewels.

      iv. Where are my scissors?

   v. Kavin or Kamal is responsible for the success of this play.


i. John was calm at the interview and answered the questions without any qualm.

ii. As Mohan performed well, he was included in the school team.

iii. The Chief guest presided over the function.

iv. Rahim used to play hockey, when he was young.


i. Turbans and Tunics

ii. crimson, silver and purple

iii. mirror and daggers

iv. Sandalwood, henna and spice

v. by displaying and calling by the names of the articles

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