12th English second Revision Answer key - 29-03-2022

12th English second Revision Answer key - 29-03-2022

(i) Answer all the questions. (ii) Choose the most appropriate answer from the given four alternatives and write the option code and the corresponding answer.

12th second Revision Question Paper and answer key - March 2022 | Model Question Paper Download - Click Here  

Choose the most appropriate synonyms of the underlined words in the following sentences.

1. In those days, they didn't have sophisticated heart surgery. prolonged

(a) expensive 

(b) outdated 

(c) well-advanced

(d) prolonged

Answer : (c) well-advanced

2. This trolley was commandeered by an intrepid crew of two.

(a) bold     (b) timid     (c) cheerful     (d) strong

Answer : a) bold

3. Suddenly, I realized that these two children had given me a profound lesson.

(a) trivial     (b) funny     (c) great     (d) strange 

Answer : (c) great

Choose the most appropriate antonyms of the underlined words in the following sentences.

4. He had returned to the hospital because he had a malignant tumour of the bone. 

(a) Flexible     (b) benign     (c) dangerous.     (d) matured.

Answer : (b) benign

5. It opened my eyes to the fact that I was missing something .... 

(a) honesty.     (b) dearth     (c) fiction     (d) legend.

Answer :(c) fiction

6. We can't appreciate light if we haven't known darkness. 

(a) criticize     (b) admire     (c) eradicate     (d) obstruct

Answer : (a) criticize

7. Choose the correct combination for the compound word dreamworld.

a) Verb + Adverb     (b) Adjective + Verb     (c) Adverb + Noun     (d) Verb + Noun 

Answer : (c) Adverb + Noun

8. Choose the suitable conjunction and complete the sentence.

Ramesh did not know Spanish,_______ he wanted a translator.

a) therefore         (b) because .     (c) still        (d) otherwise

Answer : (a) therefore

9. Choose the clipped form of the word 'fascimile' 

(a) fas     (b) fascil     (c) fax     d)famile

Answer : c. fax

10. Choose the correct question tag for the following statement. 

I am not as smart as you are, ______?

(a) aren't I     (b) are I     (c) am I         (d) don't I

Answer : (c) am I

11. Choose the word that cannot be placed after the word 'self to form  a compound word.

(a) control (    b) esteem     (c) made.     (c) repeat.

Answer :b) esteem

12. Choose the appropriate plural form of the word 'criterion'. 

(a) criteria    (b) criterions     (c) criterium  (d) criteriones

Answer : (a) criteria

13. Choose the correct combination for the blended word intercom

(a) interactive communication 

(b) interval commission 

(C) internal communication 

(d) inter communion

Answer : (C) internal communication 

14. Choose the trisyllabic word.

(d) famile

(b) disclose 

(c) instruction 

d) imperative 

Answer : (c) instruction 

15. Replace the underlined word with the suitable phrasal verb. You should read the instruction manual carefully, before you operate the machine.

a) go into     (b) go with     (c)     (d) go through

16.Choose the right American English equivalent of the word interval". 

(a) break     (b) intermission     (c) rest     (d) relaxation. 

Answer : (b) intermission

17. Choose the correct meaning of the foreign word underlined in the sentence. 

Attach your resume with the application.

(a) a long report

(b) a detailed description.

(c) a pictorial representation 

(d) a brief summary

Answer : (d) a brief summary

18. Choose the correct phrase for the pair of nouns 'surgery+ instruments'. .

(a) Surgeric instruments.

(b) Surgery instruments

(c) Surgical instruments

(d) Surging instruments

Answer : (c) Surgical instruments

19. Choose the word that has been spelt correctly from the options given. 

(a) releive 

(c) tommorow 

(b) neccesary

d) amateur

Answer : d) amateur

20. Choose the correct expansion of the acronym 'GIF'.

(a) Group Internet Facility

(b) Graphics Integrated Form

(c) Graphics Interchange Format

Answer : (c) Graphics Interchange Format


Read the following sets of Poetic lines and answer any four sets. 

21. "Then the whining school-boy, with his satchel 

    And shining morning face, creeping like snail

    Unwillingly to school". 

(a) Which stage of life is being referred to here by the poet ?

  • Boyhood is referred to here.

(b) Mention the figure of speech employed in the second, line. 

  • A simile is employed in the second line

22. "This is my son, mine own Telemachus, 

    To whom I leave the sceptre and the isle, -

    Well-loved of me." 

(a) Who does ulysses entrust his kingdom to, in his absence ?

  • Ulysses entrusts his kingdom to his beloved son Telemachus in his absence.

(b) Bring out the significance of the 'sceptre'.

  • Sceptre is an ornamental staff carried by a King on ceremonial occasions as a symbol of sovereignty. It symbolizes the power of a king.

23. "And one man in his time plays many parts" 

(a) Pick out the words in Alliteration.

  • a. plays; parts man; many 

(b) According to the poet, how many stages are there in a man's life ?

  • Seven stages

24. "With eyes severe and beard of formal cut, Full of wise saws and modern instances;" 

(a) Which stage of life is referred to here? 

  • Boyhood is referred to here

(b) What is the meaning of the word 'saws'?

  • sayings

25. "I cannot rest from travel: I will drink

    Life to the lees :"

(a) Whom does T' refer to?

  • a. Ulysses
  • b. He wanted to enjoy the life to the fullest.

26. I mete and dole ? 

Unequal laws unto a savage race,

Know not me."

That hoard, and sleep, and feed, and

Do as directed.

(a) What does Ulysses do ? 

  •  Ulysses rules his kingdom without any interest. His subjects are not up to his expectation. He does not want to spend his time idly

(b) Did he enjoy what he was doing? Give reasons. 

  • No, he hates the aimless citizens.


Answer any three questions.

27. The stolen jewels were recovered by the police. (Change the voice) 

  • The police recovered the stolen jewel.

28. Unless we plant trees, we cannot save our planet. [Rewrite the sentence using If without changing the meaning of the sentence].

  • If we plant trees, we can save our planet

29. The mountain was steep but he was able to climb it. Rewrite as a complex sentence]

  • Though the mountain was steep, he was able to climb it

30. Besides being a singer, she is also a dancer. (Rewrite as a compound sentence]

  • She is not only a singer but also a dancer


Explain any two of the following with reference to the context. 

31. Is second childishness and mere oblivion;

    Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

  • All the world’s stage – William Shakespeare

32. "It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,

    And see the great Achilles, whom we knew." 

  •  Ulysses – Alfred Tennyson 

33. To follow knowledge like a sinking star.

     Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.

  •  Ulysses – Alfred Tennyson


Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 30 words. 

34. How did the boy who played the mechanic lose his eyesight?

35. What happened when the doctor couple were crossing the street ?

36. What was the profound lesson that Dr. Barnard learnt from the boys?


Answer any three of the following. Write any three safety instructions to be followed in your school campus during

37.Corona Virus Pandemic situation. 

 a. Wash your hands frequently. 

b. Maintain social distancing 

c. Wear the masks

38. Describe the process of organizing a farewell party to students of class XII of your school.

  • 1. Gather the students in auditorium. 
  • 2. Invite the teachers. 
  • 3. Provide them the gift and the snacks. 
  • 4. Let them address the gathering. 
  • 5. End up the party with a fun game

39. Rearrange the following jumbled proverbs correctly.

        (a) cured/must/what/be/cannot/endured/be

  • What cannot be cured must be endured

        (b) words/than/actions/speak/louder 

  • Actions speak louder than words.

        (c) knows/only/the shoe/the wearer/pinches/where

  • The wearer only knows where the stone pinches

Punctuate the following sentence. 

40. What will you do now max Ausable asked.

  • “What will you do now, Max?”, Ausable asked.


Answer the following.

41. Answer the following in a paragraph of about 150 words.

(a) Describe the Grand Prix' at Cape Town's Red Cross Children's Hospital.


(b) How did a casual incident in a hospital help Dr. Barnard perceive a new dimension of life? 

42. Answer the following in a paragraph of about 150 words.

     (a) Describe the various stages of a man's life picturised in the poem "All theWorld's a stage."


(b) What is Ulysses' clarion call to his sailors? How does he inspire them? 

43. Answer the following in a paragraph of about 150 words, by developing the hints. 

(a) Ausable - secret agent - awaits missile report - Fowler- writer - both enter hotel management doesn't bother balcony - intruders enter knock at the door Max shocked Ausable says police Max has to hide the balcony - when door opens waiter enters serves drinks leaves - Ausable explains - no police no balcony - Max is dead-document saved - clever thinking - Ausable sharp brain.. room sixth floor received by Max points gun at them - Ausable remarks -


(b)  Character sketch of Ausable-fat not looks like secret agent speaks - American accent enters hotel room sixth floor Fowler writer received by Max at gunpoint - Ausable - not at all shocked casual attitude - speaks of complaining again - hotel authorities intruder - through the balcony - second time entry into the room Max waits for secret missile report sudden knock Ausable least bothered talks of the arrival of the police - advises Max to hide - balcony waiter comes in Max sudden cry waiter leaves - Ausable says no police no balcony shrewd plan - fools Max - saves report alert.

44. Make notes or summarise the following passage. (a) To appreciate the importance of media, one must know its origin. centuries, the need to create various forms of media was born out of Over the humanity's desire to share a story with as many people as possible. Cave art was mankind's first intellectual pursuit. For the first time in history, humans were able to leave something behind for future generations via the medium of the walls in a cave. However, it took thousands of years for mankind to put them on paper. Another 1500 years had to pass before Johannes Gutenberg built the first Printing Press. Gutenberg's Printing Press was the first mass media.

        By the early 17th century, the first newspapers appeared. handwritten news sheets, popular in Venice, as early as 1566, were the direct ancestors of the modern newspaper. The first modern newspapers were printed in Germany in 1609. The first major newspaper was perhaps The Times of London'. By the late 1840, telegraph networks linked various cities and permitted overnight news reporting. Moving pictures came in 1895. The Lumiere brothers gave the first public demonstration of moving pictures in Paris. In 1901. Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi raised a radio antenna and made instant communication without wires possible. Radios became less popular when television sets started entering the living rooms. Television continues to be one of the most popular forms of mass media. The only real competition to television comes from the Internet and Social media, the latest in the ever-changing mass media landscape. 


(b) Write a paragraph on measures to be followed to maintain good health. 

45.(a) Develop the hints into a story of 150 words.

     King's court- clever jester - cracks jokes - king enjoys - one day - hurts king - with his joke - king angry condemns to death - jester begs for mercy - king gives option jester can choose manner of death - jester's wise reply. wants to die of old age king amused forgives him..


(b) Build a dialogue of at least five exchanges between a salesman and a customer

    who wishes to buy a new mobile phone.

46.(a) Spot the errors in the following sentences and rewrite them correctly.

(i) I gave an one rupee coin. 

  •  i) a one rupee

(ii) No sooner did I switch on the television, when my parents returned home..

  • ii. When = than

(iii) We discussed about the matter. 

  •   iii. Discuss about – discuss

(iv) She made me to cry.

  • iv. To cry = cry

(v) Nobody can solve this problem, can't they ? 

  •   v. can they?


(b) Fill in the blanks appropriately.

(i) If I were you, I

(accept) this offer.

(ii) Right now, I (read) a crime thriller.

(iii) The doctor treated the injured. 

(iv) This old lady cooks food for the family, with (patience/patients). ?[Add suitable question tag)

47.(a) Write a letter to your cousin congratulating him/her on being declared the . best sportsperson of his/her college. 


(b) Ranjit Singh, the Lion of the Punjab, was once walking along the road with his followers, when suddenly a stone struck him on the head. He suffered greatly and his followers brought before him a woman bent with age and dressed in rags. The poor woman was trembling. "Your Highness," said the woman with folded hands,nd saw ripe apples hanging from the branches. I "my search of food came here children have been hungry for three days. threw a stone at them in the hope of getting one or two to satisfy my children's hunger, but the stone missed its aim and struck your Highness. I am innocent. Please forgive me." Pressing his wounded head with one hand, the Lion of the Punjab ordered his Prime Minister to give the woman several bags of grain and pay her one thousand rupees. The Prime Minister stared at the king. "If the lifeless tree gave fruit when struck with stones," said the king, "I must give much more since I am alive and have reason. How can I punish her ?" 

(1) What happened when Ranjit Singh was once walking along the road? In

(2) Why was the old woman brought before Ranjit Singh ?

 (3) Why did the woman try to get the apples ?

(4) Did Ranjit Singh punish the woman? What did he do? 

(5) What lesson did Ranjit Singh learn from the tree ?


 i. A stone struct Ranjit Singh on his head.

 ii. The old woman mistakenly struck Ranjit’s head. 

ii. The woman’s children were hungry for three days. She wanted to feed them with the apples.

 iv. No, he ordered his prime minister to give the bags of grains and Rs.1000.

 v. Donate generously

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