8th English Basic quiz 1 Answer key - Bridge Course

8th English Basic quiz 1 Answer key - Bridge Course

1. Read the following passage, identify the underlined parts of speech and fill in the boxes appropriately. Raju is my neighbour. He bought a red car. His wife said, "Wow! What a beautiful car." He drives it carefully and he parks the car very safe in the garage every day.

Noun  -  Raju ,  car ,  garage

Pronoun -   my , He ,  His

Verb  -    bought , drives , parks 

Adverb -  carefully 

 Adjective -  Red

 Preposition  - in

Conjunction - and

 Interjection - wow

2. Fill in the boxes with suitable examples of your own. 

Proper Noun - India , Mount Everest , Google , Tuesday 

Common Noun - Man , Building , Cat , State 

Abstract Noun - Anger , Patience , Charity

Collective Noun - Army , Pack , Band 

Material Noun - Air , Egg

3. Read the following passage. Replace the underlined words with the suitable pronouns.

Kala is my friend. Kala and I went to school very earlier yesterday. Rahu and Banu helped the teacher to clean the blackboard. I said to Kala, "Raju has returned the book which you lent to Raju". During lunch break, the students started eating students lunch.

Kala is my friend.We went to school very earlier yesterday. They_helped

lent to him". During lunch break, the students started eating their lunch.

4. State whether the verbs are transitive or intransitive.

The child cried (transitive/ intransitive) for many hours. His mom gave a ball. The child

kicked (transitive/ intransitive) the ball with joy.

5. Read the following and state whether the underlined word is a possessive adjective or possessive pronoun. Frame a sentence of your own using the underlined word.

Raju : Is the mobile phone yours?

Possessive Pronoun 

  • The book is yours 

6. Convert the possessive adjective into possessive pronoun and rewrite the sentence.

This is her grey teddy bear.

  • Grey teddy bear is hers

7. Identify the kinds of nouns and put a tick in the appropriate box.

Tiger is the national animal of India.

a, animal is a common /proper/ collective noun

b. India is a common abstract proper noun.

8. Complete the dialogue using the picture clues.

Mr.Arun : What are you going to buy in the super market?

Mrs.Arun: I am going to buy fruits and meat.

Mr.Arun ; Where is my mobile phone?

Mrs.Arun : Look at there.. It is on the table.

9. Write a sentence for the given parts of speech.

a. Noun  - The school will reopen soon

b. Pronoun  -  The kitten bid under the table This book is torn . 

c. Verb  - Banu dances well

10. Spot the errors and rewrite the following sentences correctly.

I ate a flock of grapes. It tasted sweetly. But I gave it to my mom to eat. He said that it was sour.

I ate a bunch of graps. It tasted sweet. So i gave it to my mom to eat .She said that it was sour.

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