10th science Refresher Course 2 Answer English Medium

10th science Refresher Course 2 Answer English Medium

unit 2 FLUIDS Refresher Answer


I. Fill in the blanks.

1.  Unit of Force is ____________                  

Answer :  newton (N)

2.  Force has both magnitude and direction. It is a ____________ quantity.                              

Answer :  vector

3. Pressure exerted by a liquid is increased by____________ density of the liquid height of the liqui

Answer :  column

4.  SI Unit of pressure is ____________               

Answer :    pascal /    N/M2

5.  The air that exerts pressure in the atmosphere is called ____________                  

Answer :    atmospheric pressure

6.  The depth of a liquid column  increases and the ____________ also increases.  

Answer :    pressure

7.  The instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure is ____________                    

Answer :    barometer

8.  A simple barometer was fi st constructed by ____________.                       

Answer :   Torricelli

9.  A drinking straw works on the ____________                    

Answer :    atmospheric pressure / exsistence of air pressure

10.Rain drops take up spherical shape naturally due to the ____________                   

Answer :    surface tension      of water.

II. State true or false.

1.  Hydraulic press works on the principle of Pascal’s law.

Answer :  True

2.  Density of water is less than density of cooking oil. 

Answer :   False.

3.  Salt water provides more buoyant force than fresh water. 

Answer :  True

4.  Liquid exerts pressure in the bottom as well as on the walls of the container.

Answer :   True

5.  A body will sink if the weight of the body is greater than the buoyant force 

Answer :  True

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