6th English unit 2 Assignment answer key - July 2021

6th English unit 2 Assignment answer key - July 2021


 Class:6            Subject: English


  Part – A

I.One Mark Questions

1. Grandfather loves to watch_____

a) beetles  

 b) butterflies

c) birds     

  d) flies

Ans : b ) Butterflies

2. Trees give —— to birds and animals.

a) fruits     

b) food

c) food and shelter   

d) shadows

Ans : c ) Food and shelter

3. Choose the correct synonym of the underlined word:

The author protested for the first time,

a) proclaimed         

b) claimed 

c) opposed               

d ) announced

Ans : c ) Opposed

4. Choose the correct antonym of the underlined word:

They hide the secret.

a) suppress     

b) close

c) protect       

d) expose

Ans : d ) Expose 

5. Identify the type of sentence: Is this a doll?

a) statement           

b) question

c) combined         

d) exclamation

Ans :b ) Question ( interrogative ) 

6. Identify the type of sentence: Don’t talk.

a) request         

 b) question 

c) command   

 d) statement

Ans : c ) command

7. Which tree gives us useful wood?

a) coconut     

b) mango

c) teak         

d) papaya

Ans : c ) Teak

8. Find the rhyming words.

a) tall – small      

b) shade blade 

c) good-moon       

d) tree – free

Ans : good – noon (  not rhyming )

9. The farmer grew many kinds of in his garden

a) Vegetables           

 b) Saplings 

c) Shrubs                  

d) Plants

Ans :  a ) Vegetables

10. Identify the speaker/character:

“I promised that I will never cut this tree”.

a) farmer’s daughter         

b) friends

c) farmer         

d) grand father

Ans : c ) farmer

 Part – B

II. Short Answer.

1. What are the two reasons the author gives for the plants moving towards grandfather?

  • Light and warmth are the two reasons the author gives for the plants moving towards grandfather.

2. How does the coconut tree grow?

  • The coconut tree grows up straight and tall.

3.What does the tamarind tree give?

  • The tamarind gives us pleasant shade.

4. Why did the farmer decide to cut the tree?

  • The farmer decided to grow some vegetables .He could also use the wood to build a new room in his house. So he decided to cut the tree.

5. “All of a sudden, the farmer noticed a small fruit hanging from a branch. 

It was an apple and looked as delicious as the ones he ate as a boy”.

What did the farmer notice?

  • The farmer noticed a small fruit hanging from a branch.

 Part – C 

III. Write in detail.

1.Why do we need trees? List any two reasons that Grandfather gives.

  •  We need trees to keep the desert away . We need them to get rains , fruits and flowers and also for timber.


IV. Activity:

Pick out the related words given in the box and fill in the blanks:

  • chop, flower, flow, still, violent, sour, juice , fruit, stem, branch, plant

1. mango : sweet, lime: …………….

  • sour

2. bark : timber,  flower:  …………….

  • branch 

3. river : flow, mountain :  …………….

  • still 

4. knife : cut,  axe :  …………….

  • chop

5. breeze: gentle, storm :  …………….

  • violence 

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