10th science Refresher Course 14-PLANT PHYSIOLOGY answer key

10th science Refresher Course 14-PLANT PHYSIOLOGY answer key

unit 1 - 10th Science PLANT PHYSIOLOGY Answer
Title : 10th science Bridge course Answer Worksheet 14

10th science Refresher Course-14-PLANT PHYSIOLOGY-answer key



1. The tropic movement that helps the climbing vines to find a suitable support is ________

a. Phototropism b. Geotropism c. Thigmotropism d. Chemotropism

2. The chemical reaction occurs during photosynthesis is _____________.

a. CO2 is reduced and water is oxidized 

b. water is reduced and CO2 is oxidized

 c. both CO2 and water are oxidized 

d. both CO2 and water are produced.

3. The bending of root of a plant in response to water is called __________.

a. Thigmonasty b. Phototropism c. Hydrotropism d. Photonasty

4. A growing seedling is kept in the dark room. A burning candle is placed near it for a fewdays. The tip part of the seedling bends towards the burning candle. This is an example of____________.

a) Chemotropism b) Geotropism c) Phototropism d) Thigmotropism

5. The non-directional movement of a plant part in response to temperature is called________.

a) Thermotropism b) Thermonasty c) Chemotropism d) Thigmonasty

6. Chlorophyll in a leaf is required for __________.

a) photosynthesis b) tropic movement c) transpiration d) nastic movement

7. Transpiration takes place through _____________.

a) fruit b) seed c) flower d) stomata

II. Fill in the blanks.

1. The shoot system grows upward in response to ___________

2. __________ is positively hydrotropic as well as positively geotropic. 3. The green pigment

present in the plant is __________

3. The solar tracking of sunflower in accordance with the path of sun is due to ________.

4. The response of a plant part towards gravity is __________.

5. Plants take in carbondioxide for photosynthesis but need __________ for their living.


1. What is nastic movement?

2. Name the plant part

  •  a) Which bends in the direction of gravity but away from the light.
  • b) Which bends towards light but away from the force of gravity.

3. Differentiate phototropism from photonasty.

4. Photosynthesis converts energy X into energy Y.

  • a) What are X and Y?
  • b) Green plants are autotrophic in their mode of nutrition. Why?

5. Define transpiration.

6. Name the cell that surrounds the stoma

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